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Mixed Exhibition

OCT 31 - NOV 13, 2022

Mixed media artworks are becoming increasingly popular among both artists and collectors, as new media is discovered and developed and fresh ways to use media are being explored. In the Federation’s first exhibition dedicated to mixed media artwork, you'll find a wide range of styles that explore the materiality of art making. From collage to assemblage and everything in between, these artworks are made through a combination of traditional and some non-traditional materials. You'll see two-dimensional works with all manner of paints, pastels and charcoals, as well as thorns, string, metal, wood, plastic, and more. Be sure to visit the Federation Gallery from October 31st - November 13th to enjoy the visual treat that is the 2022 Mixed Exhibition!

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA


Opening Hours

MON - SAT | 10 AM  - 6 PM

SUN | 10 AM  - 3 PM



Abstracted - Square.jpg

Abstracted Exhibition

AUG 15 - 28, 2022

Abstract art makes meaning of the world around us by reshaping it through colour, line, form and texture. It highlights the role of imagination in the process of creation. It demands close observation and deep reflection. One must take a good long look to carefully unveil the layers that are unfolding on the canvas. Abstraction in its many forms highlights the beauty that artists can create when they seek to work outside of the everyday.

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA


Opening Hours

MON - SAT | 10 AM  - 6 PM

SUN | 10 AM  - 3 PM


Landscapes Square.jpg

2022 Landscapes Exhibition

MAY 23 - JUN 5, 2022

Landscape art encompasses a variety of scenes; they might be entirely imaginary, or they could be copied from reality with a range of accuracy. Some landscape artists work from photos they've taken on their journeys in nature, while others chose to work from memory, allowing their intuition to guide them to recreate the feeling of being in the great outdoors or on a busy city street. Landscape painting continues to be a popular subject matter for both our artists and our collectors, and we are delighted to be bringing the Landscapes exhibition back to you. Browse through this work and allow yourself to be immersed in scenery that blends dream and reality.

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA


Opening Hours

MON - SAT | 10 AM  - 6 PM

SUN | 10 AM  - 3 PM


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FCA AIMAE website canva square.jpg

Eastside Atelier Art Show + First Saturdays

Jun 3 - Jun 4, 2022

At Eastside Atelier, we pulled together to present a creative, artistic escape for your imagination and curiosity. If you did not know, Eastside Atelier is one of the biggest art studios in Vancouver, nestling 47 art spaces.  As you guess, with an abundance of creativity, unique styles and provoking art work it is definitely worth a visit.

"Escape into Art" Group show will be featuring over 20 artists. You will get a sneak peek at our intimate art studios and inquire about our individual processes and inspiration. If you have not visited us since the Eastside Cultural Crawl, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with the fresh look, and our gallery salon style presentation.

So don't wait till the next Crawl, come June 3rd or June 4th, bring a friend, your kids, your parents, your furry family member or even a date!

Its an opportunity to escape from the day to day hustle, and see what is happening behind the scenes in our vibrant Vancouver art community. 
Feel free to share our invite! 

EASTSIDE ATELIER | 1310 William Street, Vancouver BC, CA


Opening Hours 

FRI    |    5 PM  - 10 PM

SAT   | 11 AM  - 6 PM



JUN 6 - JUN 26, 2022

The Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition has returned! This exhibition was initially established with the intent to provide an affordable way for artists across the world to exhibit in Canada, and compete with fellow artists on a global scale for prize awards and peer recognition. It is also an opportunity for the Federation to introduce art collectors to new artists who might be outside of our membership, and collect artworks at a very great value! Enjoy this selection of artworks from six different countries.

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA

Opening Hours

MON - SAT | 10 AM - 6 PM

SUN | 10 AM - 3 PM      



FCA Spotlight Square Canva.jpg


May 16 - 22, 2022

The 2022 Spotlight Exhibition not only highlights a selection of incredible artworks, it's also an opportunity for us to celebrate our collectors! The Federation Gallery's patrons allow us to support artists through art sales, as well as educational courses, lectures, mentorship programs, and cash awards for artistic excellence.


To honour art enthusiasts and patrons in all you do for Canadian Arts and Culture, please join us for an Opening Reception on Tuesday, May 17th from 6 PM - 8 pm.

There will be champagne, light refreshments and door prizes.

Thank you to the patrons who support Canadian artists! Without your passion for seeing beauty in the world, professional artists couldn’t survive. This is your night to be recognized.

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA

365 Square.jpg

365 Online Exhibition

May 1 - 31, 2022

The 365 Online Exhibition is an annual exhibition and competition that showcases seasonally themed artworks. Artists have submitted their works to compete for the opportunity to be featured in the 2023 Federation Art Calendar. This exhibition is a stunning tribute to the changing seasons, and is rife with nostalgia and wistfulness. Please enjoy this selection of seasonally sensational artworks!

FEDERATION GALLERY | 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC, CA


TGG photo.jpg

How The Light Gets In

Mar 2 - Apr 3, 2022

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen

The suggestion of luminosity in art is the focus of our March exhibition. Spring is the promise

of longer days and indeed more light.


THE GALLERY GEORGE | 1502 East Hastings St

Opening Hours | Wed - Sun noon - 6pm


The Hidden Place_18x24__1500_P300.jpg

2021 Exhibitions

"Surfacing" Juried Exhibition

THE GALLERY AT THE CULTCH     | Nov 1 - Nov 31, 2021

25th Eastside Culture Crawl

EASTSIDE ATELIER                     | Nov 12 - Nov 21, 2021


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